OSDC: Collecting the right data to monitor your infrastructure


In the world of containers and microservices, where your infrastructure consists of thousands of containers that are changing continuously, monitoring your infrastructure become a challenge. At the beginning, you collect the logs from all your servers to help you understand when there is a failure in your system, but logs are not always available, think of when the service is down. To prevent a failure, you would need to monitor the status of your services, and the health of the server where the service is running. In a distributed environment where the microservices communicate between them via APIs, it’s important to be able to visualize the traffic exchanged between your microservices for troubleshooting purposes. This talk will present how you can use the open source tools and in particular the Elastic Beats to offer a broad visibility into your network by collecting different kinds of operational data from all your services into a central point in Elasticsearch, and then build Dashboards with Kibana.